To the Ends of the Earth in Peru

I’ve never felt as isolated as I did in the Peruvian desert.

Peruvian desert in a dune buggy

In “To the ends of the earth in Peru“, an article I recently did for Travel and Escape, I talk about my crazy dune buggy journey from the desert outside Nazca to the Pacific coast. We were in a desolate place – it felt like we were on the moon – but it was magnificent.

Pacific Coast Peru

We saw the impressive indigenous condor, barking sea lions, and watch as the landscape made a dramatic and sudden transition from desert to aggressive, rocky cliffs, beaten by the crashing waves of the Pacific.

Condor taking off

It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, and something I’ve not been able to duplicate since. It was truly amazing.

Pacific Coast of Peru

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  1. baconismagic says:

    I spent 2.5 months in Peru but never saw the Nazca lines, too many of the locals told me planes crashed each week and they frightened me out of it.

    1. Yeahhhhhh. We went up, but honestly, I didn’t think it was worth it. I got so motion sick that I barely saw any of the lines! This was in 2007, and I didn’t hear a lot about crashes then, but I’ve heard a lot more recently. I wouldn’t do it again and probably wouldn’t recommend it either.

  2. I also never did the lines as I thought it was too expensive but if I had the money in the future. I love everything Peru.

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