Ooops. I’ve been AWOL.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Yes, I’ve totally neglected the blog. Ooooops.

My job requires me to do a lot of creative content, so by the time I’m done work, I really don’t want to turn the computer back on and write more travel content. I’ve been pretty good lately about shutting down when I come home (having a snazzy new office helps), and I’ve really just not had the motivation.

Also, after my trip to Panama in April, I was kind of uncertain about how to write about it, so I just didn’t (really). Once I was out of the bloggy habit, it was so easy to stay out of the habit.

That being said, I still do like posting every now and again, and I should do a little catching up (I know there are at least a handful of my friends who like reading the blog!).

Since I’ve been AWOL, I’ve been doing some pretty sweet travelling, and some of it I think would be fun to share. I did a long weekend in Chicago, spent two and a half weeks loving every minute of life in London during the Olympics, and did a nine-day road trip from Calgary through the Rockies and the Okanagan to Vancouver. I’ve also got a six-day trip to Iceland booked for November (beyond excited to go back and this time with my best friend, who I haven’t travelled with since France in 2006).

Good travel things have been happening, they’ve just mostly been on Twitter and Instagram!

Anywho – here are a few of my fave photos of my summer 2012 travels. Posts coming soon…I hope!


Buckingham Fountain Married with Children Fountain Chicago

Buckingham Fountain (aka the fountain from Married with Children) in Chicago

Cubs game at Wrigley Field rain delay

Fulfilling a childhood dream of seeing a Cubs game at Wrigley Field – best. 

London 2012 Beach Volleyball Horse Guards Parade

The most incredible London 2012 venue – Horse Guard’s Parade – where I saw the final of the men’s beach volleyball. Awesome.

The Orbit London 2012

The amazingly cool Orbit sculpture in Olympic Park.

London Floating Market in Hackney Wick

I got to meet up with some of my favourite people and explore parts of London I’ve never been to, including finding this floating market in Hackney Wick.

BC Alberta road trip Fiat 500

In our little bitty Fiat 500 we roamed through the Rockies, including a stay at the wonderful Il Nido guesthouse.

South Okanagan Osoyoos Wine Country

We explored South Okanagan’s wineries and enjoyed this amazing view from Nk’mip.

Fish sales at Granville Island Vancouver

And back to my old stomping grounds in Vancouver for a few days.

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  1. Ayngelina says:

    Yay you`re back! Love the photos.

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